The 13 Best After Effects Tutorial Resources Most People Don’t Know About

By Aaron / July 9, 2014 / After Effects Tutorial / No Comments

If you do a Google search of After Effects tutorials your results will probably come from three different websites: Video Co-Pilot, Tuts+, and Creative Cow. These websites can be great resources for After Effects tutorials, but you can’t help but wonder if there are more options out there t...

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What Camera and Audio to use for a Documentary

By Aaron / June 27, 2014 / Filmmaking / No Comments

The more and more films I make the more and more I realize that gear you have is the most and least important thing you have as a filmmaker. It is a terrible dichotomy that we always here in things like, “well he shoots on a RED so, he must know what he is doing” […]

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How to Setup Your Cameras for Interviews

By Aaron / June 16, 2014 / Filmmaking / No Comments

I’ll admit it that this title makes this sound like a really simple and easy thing to do but there is more to it than just set up the camera with the person you are interviewing lined up on the third and looking off camera. I could have called it “the one thing you do wrong […]

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How to light an interview next to a fireplace

By Aaron / June 2, 2014 / Lighting / No Comments

The more and more I learn about filmmaking the more and more I realize that I know nothing about how to light. Fortunately there are people who know way more than I do and are willing to share their knowledge. Lars Lindstrom, DP of the documentary Llama Nation, shares how to light an interview ne...

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Featured Chef – Editor, Motion Graphics Artist, and Colorist Aaron Williams

By Aaron / May 29, 2014 / Featured Chef / No Comments

Here at Cinema Spice we like to showcase different filmmakers, motion graphic artists, video editors, and all around cool people in a something we like to call featured chef. This week’s featured chef is Sir Aaron Williams. While he has never been “technically” knighted he is in...

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A Better Way to Film B-Roll

By Aaron / May 26, 2014 / Cinema Spice News / No Comments

We’ve all been there. Out filming a project and we need to get b-roll. We look around and realize that there isn’t much going on and don’t even know where to begin. After setting up a wide shot and filming for 20 seconds we call it good and move on to the next thing. While [&hel...

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Create a customizable Flash or Burn transition.

By Mikey Borup / May 23, 2014 / Cinema Spice News / No Comments

Building your own transitions in After Effects is super fun, and super easy.  Using the slider control make it simple to control as well.  In this after effects tutorial, i’ll teach you how to create a grungy, flashy, burny type transition.  Fire up after effects, click play ...

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After Effects Quick Tip: Seamless Patterns

By Mikey Borup / May 21, 2014 / After Effects Tutorial / No Comments

Not everything can be done in after effects, and many times you end up heading over to another program, like Photoshop, to do some image work, but for seamless patterns,  this can totally be done in After Effects.  This After Effects quick tip will who you how.  I’ve also (fo...

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5 Things Filmmakers Should Start Doing Today

By Aaron / May 20, 2014 / Cinema Spice News / No Comments

Yesterday the Film Doctor posted “5 Things Filmmakers Should Stop Doing Today”. They had five really good points that I think every filmmaker should stop doing: Stop comparing your work to others. Stop looking for the perfect first draft. Stop waiting to be discovered. Stop being afra...

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How to Light Outside only Using a Reflector

By Aaron / May 19, 2014 / Lighting / No Comments

Lighting outside can be one of the trickiest scenarios for lighting any film. I had a personal experience learning how hard that was while producing a short film “Yarrow’s Boy” last summer. Because it was a fantasy film we were always filming in the middle of no where. One of th...

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