Llama Nation Premieres in the Omaha Film Festival

By Tony Gomez / March 3, 2016 / Cinema Spice News / No Comments

Llama Nation: The Documentary premieres on March 10 at the Omaha Film Festival in Omaha Nebraska. We are ecstatic for this premiere because not only did we do the motion graphics for the the project, but one of our own, Aaron Allsop, has been producing and editing it over the past two years. The ...

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Big Changes for Cinema Spice

By David Horner / July 20, 2015 / Cinema Spice News / No Comments

Big changes for Cinema Spice Crazy month! We just moved to a new location. It's bigger and better and we are expanding!!! We also redesigned the website, as you may have noticed. With the help of our intern, we have more time to do cool things. Working on presets and new After Effects plugins (mo...

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How To Start Editing a Feature Length Documentary

By Aaron / November 10, 2014 / Filmmaking / No Comments

One year ago I was sitting in a ice cream shop with my two friends from college, John Meier and Tanner Shinnick. We met up to talk about 2014, the year that we finally make a feature film. We started out by pitching various ideas we had ranging from a quirky apocolypse comedy, time travel, [&hell...

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How to touch up skin easily in After Effects

By Aaron / September 16, 2014 / After Effects Tutorial / 1 Comment

One of the things that I hear the most while on set while filming non-actors (people representing their company, customer testimonials, etc.) is, “you can photoshop me to make me look better, right?” I used to just kind of laugh and say, “Don’t worry, you look great and do...

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So this is the next big thing Samsung has been talking about, a 4k DSLR with h.265

By Aaron / September 15, 2014 / Camera News / No Comments

Canon announced the sequel to one of the most used DSLRs for video today but I can’t remember what it was. I know that mark two was involved and something about 60 frames at 1080P, but after I heard about Samsung’s new camera I forgot about what they announced. You can understand why ...

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Sony Releases FS7 and C100 & C300 Prices Drop

By Aaron / September 12, 2014 / Camera News / No Comments

If you haven’t heard yet, Sony announced their newest camera the PXW-FS7. I mean besides the fact that it shoots 4k(UHD), has 14 stops of dynamic range, can shoot 180 fps at 1080, built in ND filters, and records 4k XAVC 10-bit 4:2:2 – it isn’t that exciting. Except that it is g...

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Five After Effects Tips To Speed Up Your Workflow

By Aaron / August 12, 2014 / After Effects Tutorial / No Comments

If you remember the first time that you opened up After Effects I am sure that you will remember thinking how confusing everything seemed. There were so many buttons that you had no idea what they did. Key frames seemed to never work how you wanted them. Masks worked on some sort of sorcery for [...

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Interview With An After Effects Guru – Mikey

By Aaron / August 6, 2014 / After Effects Tutorial / No Comments

Our very own Mikey had the chance to be interviewed by Video School Online about Mikey’s After Effects tutorial YouTube channel. In it Phil asks Mikey about how he got into making After Effects Tutorials, why filmmakers should learn After Effects, and what his favorite thing to do in After ...

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The After Effects Camera Tool Simplified

By Aaron / August 4, 2014 / After Effects Tutorial / 1 Comment

Just as soon as I think I understand After Effects I try doing something new and go back to feeling like I have no idea what I am doing. The latest part of After Effects that humbled me was using cameras. A lot of people who I have talked to have told me that cameras in […]

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Fotodiox Excell +1 (AKA Speed Booster Knockoff)

By Aaron / July 10, 2014 / Camera News, Filmmaking / No Comments

When the Metabones Speed Booster came out it was a pretty big deal. I mean – who doesn’t want an extra stop of light from their lenses and also .71 wider of a lens? Fascists probably don’t but the current camera/lens market doesn’t usually cater towards their wants and nee...

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