CrowdFunder Shout Out: Waterproof Action Camera Light

This month’s “CrowdFunder Shout Out” goes to the Waterproof Action Camera Light campaign. Guys, this campaign excites me because of how innovative this guy is to come up with a way to brighten up the picture on our action camera footage at an affordable price. Vaidas Karnickas is a 23-year-old Lithuanian studying information technology at the Korea Tech University in Cheonan, South Korea. Watch the campaign video down below!

When Vaidas was in high school he started making videos on YouTube and video production became a huge hobby of his. He said the inception of the water proof action camera light came after he purchased a GitUp action cameraand took it on a trip with his friend down to Taiwan.

The problem he started noticing was he couldn’t simply shoot in the dark without any light source. The picture quality was full of noise and the frame rate was dropping.

At first, he decided to buy flashlights off  and and mount them onto the action camera. However, they would eventually break and Vaidas needed a different solution.

Vaidas said in the next couple of months he was planning to go on a diving trip and he wanted to improve the picture quality of the camera. So instead of ordering more flashlights he ordered some LED lights and began to design the waterproof action camera light in 123D design using a MakerBot 3D printer to build the prototype in the his office laboratory.

The first prototype for the action camera light was made out of polylactic acid (PLA) plastic, however, it proved to be useless because gaps showed up in the printing process and wouldn’t be able to protect the circuitry inside. He later decided to reinforce the build with epoxy resin, in order to fill in the gaps,  and use sandpaper to smoothen out the edges. As you can see the light mount just snaps onto the action camera frame.


A 700 milliamps battery powers the 11 LED light mount and uses a magnetic cable to recharge it. The battery life span can last up to six hours according to Vaidas. His background in electronics and his studies at Korea Tech University greatly aided the construction of the circuitry.

LPlus Tech, a computer technology company stationed in Hong Kong, recently contacted Vaidas through Indiegogo and said the company is willing to help with a further design if he meets his campaign goal. They also promised to give Vaidas pricing to go into production. Vaidas said he wants the starter price for the waterproof action camera light to be $20.00. He hopes to record more footage while going inside caves and help out vloggers get more light in their shots.

As of now Karnickas is in the stages of developing a second prototype building a different type of light switch. For the future, he wants to add more features to it like ultraviolet and infrared light, or the capability to be able to charge a cellphone to the mount.

Vaidas said he also wants to resize the mount to be more compact and attach more LED lights to it. He also wants to find a way to reduce glare in his shots.


Wow! This campaign is totally awesome and personally I want to see more of Vaidas Karnickas video tech projects come into production. What are your guys thoughts? Do you see yourselves purchasing a waterproof action camera light for your next video shoot?

If you feel the same way then visit his campaign and donate to the Waterproof Action Camera Light. Any amount will greatly support his venture and hopefully fund more advanced prototypes of the waterproof action camera light. As always subscribe to our blog for more crowd funder shout outs, video production news, and updates on Cinema Spice!

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