Motion Graphics | Logo Animation

Adding motion graphics can make your video stand out from the rest of the competition. Designing them in Adobe After Effects, however, can take time out of your busy schedule and complicate your other goals while trying to promote your business. The Cinema Spice team is more than happy to raise awareness to your organization with our special skill set.

We’re experienced with designing animated logos, graphs & charts, lower thirds, advertisement spots and motion still photography.

Adding these visuals into your corporate videos can empower the messages you want to bring to your audience. Whether they are promotional, training, explainer or product videos – motion graphics can give you the edge you need to produce synergy, brand awareness, and increase of sales.

We’ve served several  businesses over the years in the south eastern Idaho region but again we’re not only limited to that area we’ve worked with people in California, Texas, Virginia, even the UK and Australia.  To get a feel of how we operate please check out our demo reel of the productions we’ve been involved in:


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