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Watch This Spice In Action

A big pack of video overlays and lens flares. Check out the video overviews of each set.

Soft Lens Flares

Particles and Water

Grunge Lights

Bokeh pack

VHS flares

Soft Lens Flares
-12 Soft Flare Clips
-25 Soft Side Flare Clips
-8 BONUS Wide Angle Lens Flare Clips

Particles And Water
-11 “Blizzard” Water Clips
-10 Dust and Particle Clips
-12 Gentle Spraying Water Clips
-19 Water Squirt Clips

Grunge Lights
-18 Grunge Light Flares
-20 Grunge Light Flashes
-20 Grunge Light Leaks

-18 Bokeh Background Clips
-14 Bokeh Crystal Overlay Clips
-8 Bokeh Lens Flare Clips

VHS flares
-21 VHS Flares Clips
-20 VHS Flashes Clips

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