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Soft Lens Flares are when you don’t want your video to be associated with J.J. Abrams but still want some lens flares. These soft flares are great for wedding videos, summer sports films, and anything else you want to give a subtle touch of hipster tendencies. These overlays are easy to use, just drag and drop onto your editing software of choice and adjust the blending mode to screen. Download today to add these unique new type of lens flares to your videos.

When you download the Soft Lens Flare Pack from Cinema Spice you get:

-12 Soft Flare Clips
-25 Soft Side Flare Clips
-8 BONUS Wide Angle Lens Flare Clips

The clips work with any NLE software and are as easy as dragging and dropping into your timeline. All are in 1080 HD and ready for instant download.

Click here to watch Aaron show you how to use overlays


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