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Particles & Water is a collection of water sprays and particles that you can easily add to your videos. They are perfect if you want to them to have an organic feel instead of a computer generated particle system. They are even better if you don’t know how to create them with a computer generated particle system. These overlays are easy to use, just drag and drop onto your editing software of choice and adjust the blending mode to screen. Download today to add water and particles to your videos.

When you download the Particles and Water Pack from Cinema Spice you get:

-11 “Blizzard” Water Clips
-10 Dust and Particle Clips
-12 Gentle Spraying Water Clips
-19 Water Squirt Clips

The clips work with any NLE software and are as easy as dragging and dropping into your timeline. All are in 1080 HD and ready for instant download.

Click here to watch Aaron show you how to use overlays


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