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Natural Touchups: Video Retouching in After Effects

You know for years and years we’ve been able to touchup skin, blemishes or even eye color on our photos in Photoshop?  Well, did you know its totally possible to do this same thing on Video.  Basically we are “photoshoping” our videos, but you know, with after effects instead of photoshop.  There are lots of great retouching tips incorporated into this,  In fact as I was putting it together, I discovered new techniques to make retouching easier and more efficient, And naturally, i’ve shared them all with you in this course. 

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Topics Covered

-Blemish removal
-Teeth Whitening
-Changing Eye Color
-Smoothening Skin
-Remove dark circles and red spots
-Looking younger
-Much More!!!
-2 hours of video content
-Ever expanding bonus video library

Details: Includes full project files and video clips to practice on. This course was filmed using After Effects CC, while most techniques can be done in pre creative cloud versions of After Effects, there are certain techniques that make use of tools and workflows not available until CC.