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Natural Touchups is a video course all about beauty retouching for videos.  Just like with photoshop, you can fix blemishes, smooth out skin, change eye color, even reduce grey hairs, but on moving video instead of still pictures.  Using After Effects this is all possible.  This course features 19 videos that take you through all of the steps to become a pro at video touchups.   Also included is the complete After Effects project files so you can follow along,  but also a bunch of example video clips for you to practice on.

High End Beauty Retouching
Touching up video has really been just a  dream, or only reserved for high end hollywood productions. Touching up still pictures is one thing,  you can even find several courses here on Udemy that will teach you that very thing. But touching up stills and touching up videos are drastically different.  To get great results in retouching video,  you need to use the right techniques and learn the proper skills in After Effects.

About This Course
This course features 19 Videos, covering all the skills and techniques you need to do masterful video retouching.  A few of the many things you’ll learn are.

-Motion Tracking
-Blemish Removal
-Change Eye Color
-Keep Skin Looking Natural
-Fix Chapped Lips
-Much MORE!!!

I’m excited for you to learn some great skills in After Effects and video retouching.  Please don’t hesitate to purchase this course, you won’t be disappointed.  Thanks!