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Watch This Spice In Action

Easily create animatable long shadows with this one of a kind After Effects preset. Just drag and drop on any layer and its good to go. Just to let you know how fast and easy this preset is; the photo to the left for this sales page was created using it. It literally only took 28 seconds to create. Then its just a couple of keyframes if you want to animate any of the properties like rotation, length, opacity and even color. Download today so you can make sure your shadows are long and proud.

Note: Compatible with CS6 and above.


1: Place the PRESET .ffx file into the presets folder for After Effects.
2: To use the custom controller preset you will need to run the script file
3: Run the SCRIPT .jsx script from within After Effects. (file/script/run script file and then choose the script)
4: Restart After Effects
5: Use the preset and you are good to go!

NOTE: All AE presets from Cinema Spice, are compatible with After Effects CS6 and Above, if you are on an older version of After Effects, they will not work. you have been warned.


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