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Beautify is a Custom After Effects preset that does just that, beautify. It is similar to Beauty Box and Cosmo in the way that it makes skin beautiful and young looking. Whether you are using it for weddings, model shoots, or any film where you want to fix skin blemishes the beautify preset is for you. Next time someone asks you to photoshop them to make them look better when filming you’ll be able to say yes instead of laughing at their terrible joke and general lack of understanding when it comes to the differences between Photoshop and After Effects.

BONUS it also makes Green Screen Beautiful as well making them easier to key.


1: Place the PRESET .ffx file into the presets folder for After Effects.
2: To use the custom controller preset you will need to run the script file
3: Run the SCRIPT .jsx script from within After Effects. (file/script/run script file and then choose the script)
4: Restart After Effects
5: Use the preset and you are good to go!



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