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Arrows, Arrows, Arrows! This is exactly what it sounds like – animated arrows. Use these to point people in certain directions for a stronger call to action. Great for getting people to leave comments, look somewhere on your website, or add their email to your mailing list. All the arrows have transparency built in so all you have to do is drag and drop and you are good to go in whatever direction the arrow points you.

When you download the Animated Arows Pack from Cinema Spice you get:

-12 Animated Arrows
-6 “Click Here” Animated Arrows
-6 “Enter Your Email” Arrows
-11 “Subscribe” Arrows

The clips work with any NLE software and are as easy as dragging and dropping into your timeline. All are in 1080 HD and ready for instant download.

Click here to watch Aaron show you how to use overlays


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