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Watch This Spice In Action

A big pack of After Effects presets. Check out the video overviews of each set.

RGB Split

Gradient Tool Kit

CRT Distress


Soft Lens Flares
-12 Soft Flare Clips
-25 Soft Side Flare Clips
-8 BONUS Wide Angle Lens Flare Clips

Particles And Water
-11 “Blizzard” Water Clips
-10 Dust and Particle Clips
-12 Gentle Spraying Water Clips
-19 Water Squirt Clips

Grunge Lights
-18 Grunge Light Flares
-20 Grunge Light Flashes
-20 Grunge Light Leaks

-18 Bokeh Background Clips
-14 Bokeh Crystal Overlay Clips
-8 Bokeh Lens Flare Clips

VHS flares
-21 VHS Flares Clips
-20 VHS Flashes Clips

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