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The boys are back in town! Mikey and Brian were gone for a week in Las Vegas, and they've taken loads of pictures of their excellent adventure at this years NAB Show 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

They've explored tons of exhibits and expos hosted by well known video tech and software companies like Shutterstock, GoPro, Adobe, and Red Giant, to lesser known ones such as PLW Modelworks, Hoodman, and Insta360. All in all they had a great time!

Mikey and Brian especially had a fun time at the VR Pavilion. They got to test out a flight simulator program allowing the player to fly over city skyline in virtual reality. How it works is you you would lay down on your stomach, strap yourself to a moveable platform, connect to a VR headset, and then twist your wrists to the direction you want go. This was designed by the software engineers at PLW Modelworks. The city was a photorealistic 3D model replica of New York City. There was even a electric fan blowing air in your face to simulate wind. You would need to move your hands up and down to gain momentum, just like a bird flapping it's wings!

The duo got to visit displays showing off up-and-coming designs of proposed video cameras, 360 cameras, drones, VR tech, and other production equipment. Mikey said he was super impressed with Audio-Technica's new headset but couldn't handle the price tag because it cost around $350.00.

Maybe for Christmas Mikey.

If we're up to me, I say we should get the Cavalon Pro Gyrocopter. We could get incredible aerial shots here in the valleys of Idaho. I mean it could be a tax right off for Cinema Spice, right?

Mikey also got to meet up with Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot and Brian Behm of Rooster Teeth Productions. Both of them gave presentations at the Adobe exposition at the NAB Show.

After the endless walking and sightseeing, Mikey and Brian hit up the town and grabbed some "secret pizza" to eat. Yes we can't divulge it's true location because it's a secret!

They went to the Maxon Pinball Party at the Pinball Hall of Fame museum, and got to drive some sick go-carts at the Pole Position Raceway.

Over all they had fun and met a lot of cool people in the video production and VFX industry. What a great way to spend time in Las Vegas. Let me you know what fun experiences you had at the NAB Show or what other video production themed expos you're planning on visiting in the near future. Thanks guys!

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