What would you like to see in a 360 video?

The demand for a virtual reality experience in entertainment is on the rise and 360 cameras are becoming more affordable. Cameras with wide-angled lens are seamlessly shooting in 4k and 6K high resolution video, bringing the viewer to a whole new level of depth perception.

All this may seem intimidating to the average novice filmmaker who wants to make his/her mark on YouTube. Here at Cinema Spice we want to help give confidence to everyone. Recently, we’ve acquired the new (Kodak SP360 4k PixPro Action Cam) and we’re dying to test this out.

We want you guys to decide what type of 360 videos we should shoot. Once were done, we will give a behind scenes look on how we shot the videos and give some tips for any of you beginner filmmakers who want tryout 360.

Right now we’re in the midst of expanding the company and we want to create more quality content that will appeal to a mass audience. Don’t be shy, send us your ideas and we will choose the best ones to shoot over the spring/summer season. Send us your suggestions in the comments below or on our Facebook page at (Click Right Here)


If you haven’t already searched the top trending 360 videos on YouTube, you’ve probably seen or heard of Where’s Waldo 360 by Corridor Digital or 360 View First Stage Landing on Droneship by SpaceX.

Most people shoot their 360 rigs on roller coasters, crowded events, performing extreme sports, video games, scuba diving at the bottom of the ocean or some make their own horror short films.

Currently, we’re stationed in Idaho so we can’t go to the ocean, however, we’re surrounded by beautiful landscapes of mountain ranges, rivers, caves, forests and deserts. So there is a lot to see and a lot to capture.

As always please sends us the links to your own short films and visual effects projects, and we’ll showcase them on our website. Good luck everyone!

Photos taken from http://kodakpixpro.com/Americas/
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