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Today's shout out goes to the TidyLoop campaign. TidyLoop is in the final stages of mass producing multi-purpose reusable plastic foam ties, which I think will be an excellent tool for video production crews. Watch the promotional video and you can see how easy it is to use them and reliable they are.

 The TidyLoop campaign is collaborated between Juan Forero and Nanny Ayala, who live in Bogota, Colombia.

Have you used normal plastic zip ties or tried to remove them? It's a frustrating process leaving you in a mad frenzy reaching for the scissors, brutally cutting them off, probably wounding yourself, and then  going about your day with a headache.

TidyLoop ties are soft, colorful, durable and reusable so you know you're getting a great deal while saving money on supplies on your next production shoot. They also come in different sizes ranging from small (14cm) or large (28cm) and at 20 ties per box. The best part is you can tear the ties to resize them with no fuss and no scissors required.


What Do I Think?

I see this handy tool is perfect for video production teams if they want to keep themselves organized. I can see TidyLoop fixing all sorts problems first time directors or production crew members might not even think about:

1. Making sure all the electric cords hanging off light stands are securely strapped to the stands
2. Having all the wrapped audio cables fastened so they don't get into a tangled mess

3. Keeping all the ethernet cable and electric cords in your editing station bound together

4. Protecting light stands and tripod from getting too scuffed up during transportation

When I heard you can connect two ties together to create a longer lash , I was really impressed because you can these loops for so many different situations when running and gunning.


What Can You Do To Help?

First off, I want to make it very clear Cinema Spice is not getting paid for promoting TidyLoop. We're just a bunch of filmmakers and visual effects artists who admire video production tech made by independent owned ventures like ourselves. Being said, what you guys can do to help TidyLoop is go to their TidyLoop Kickstarter Campaign page and share their promo video on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn. TidyLoops campaign ends in approximately 21 days so there is no time to loose!

You can also help by donating whatever dollar amount to their campaign. Depending on the amount TidyLoop rewards you with different size orders of it's foam ties. Remember every dollar you pledge counts to helping the campaign grow.

That's it for today's Crowd Funder Shout Out! If you know of any other video production tech Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns please share them with us at

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