12814786_10209072499399152_8120705556019280078_nIt has finally arrived!!! YouTube has finally awarded me my Silver Button for achieving 100,000 subscribers. When I started out making these After Effects tutorials, I didn’t intend to start a YouTube channel. I was making these videos for my students in 2009 when I was teaching at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I wanted them to have more time to learn the necessary skills in After Effects that they weren’t getting in the classroom; I figured YouTube was the best place to do it.

After a while, I started getting more and more views on my channel from people other than my students. I started to think maybe there was something to this whole YouTube. In 2011, I continued to push my tutorials, which then lead to the creation of Cinema Spice in 2014.

I just wanted thank you all for continually believing in me to be make these After Effects tutorials and visual FX’s plugins. I’ve had so much fun making them and hope to continue making more in the future.


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Tony is a Brigham Young University-Idaho graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Communication. He has experience in journalism and video production. One of his favorite movies is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. His favorite superhero is Spider-Man. He lives in Rexburg, Idaho with his lovely wife.

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