If you haven’t heard yet, Sony announced their newest camera the PXW-FS7. I mean besides the fact that it shoots 4k(UHD), has 14 stops of dynamic range, can shoot 180 fps at 1080, built in ND filters, and records 4k XAVC 10-bit 4:2:2 – it isn’t that exciting.

Except that it is going to cost $8,000. That is $2,500 more than the Canon C100 and $6,500 less than the Canon C300. Although both the C100 and C300 are great cameras I can’t see anything that they can do that the Sony FS7 does better. The only thing they have going for them is that they are EOS mounts and not E-mount like the FS7. The only thing you need to do to change that is buy a Metabones adapter for $400 and you’re set though.

It looks like Canon is well aware of this because the price for the C100 at B&H dropped $500 and the C300 dropped $2,000. I can’t confirm that these price drops are related to the FS7 but I’ve been looking at buying a C100 and going back and forth and today was the first that I noticed the price change. With these price changes that means that Sony is now $3,000 more than the C100 ($3,500 more if you don’t want the dual pixel C100) and $4,500 less than the C300.

At those prices the C300 is still way much more especially considering all the benefits that the Sony FS7 has. The C100 though might be low enough for people who want a high end production camera but don’t want/need a 4K option right now. There is a lot that you could do with $3,000. You could buy lenses, lights, audio, or anything else that you might need.

It’s obvious that the Sony FS7 is a better camera than the C100 but with these recent price drops I feel like the C100 is creeping into the budget professional. It is still an amazing camera and is the camera that we are using on the Llama Nation, a feature length documentary that I am producing. In this video our DP talks about why decided on the C100. If we were making the choice right now with the new camera choices that have come out since February of this year I think that we still would have gone with the C100s.



I can see that with these price differences that most people that would have leaned towards getting a C100 will lean towards the FS7 but people who were leaning in the range of the FS100 or 5D Mark 3 will have now be leaning towards the C100. The Canon c300 is going to definitely be in trouble though with the FS7.

Curious to see some footage from the FS7? Here is a first look at the footage and it looks great.



One last note. With all of these new announcements of cameras at IBC I wonder if Canon has a trick up their sleeve and that is why they dropped their prices on the C100 and C300. Could it be possible that they have a Canon C200 or Canon C400 to release latter in the week to blow everyone’s minds out of the water? I doubt it but one can hope that they will be coming out with a new camera soon. Although great cameras, the C100/300/500 are going to be three years old this January.


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