With years of experience, an eye for detail, and a creative outlook, our main focus at Cinema Spice is the client. Cinema Spice Video Productions is located in Eastern Idaho, and not only do we serve local clients here, from Pocatello to Idaho Falls video production, to Rigby and Rexburg, but we also work with clients all over the globe. We want to make you happy and have a long track record of doing just that. We focus on video production, motion graphics, green screen, animated infographics, and YouTube optimization.

Even though we are located in a small town (Rexburg, Idaho) in Eastern Idaho,  we have worked with people all over, from California to Texas to Virginia to the UK and Australia. We also have a global audience and have customers all over the world. In short, we're the #1 videography company in Idaho Falls.

We take pride in our work and promise to deliver an amazing product. Also, we will never pretend to know how to do something that we don't; honestly, if you ask us to do anything we know we can't do, we will be straight with you and let you know.

What do you need?

  • Corporate Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Videos
  • YouTube Campaigns
  • Online Education
  • Voice Overs

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4K video is 4 times the size of Full HD and 16 times the size of standard definition. That's a lot of pixels, and even if you don't need your video to look that good, increased resolution helps with being able to crop, move video around and stabilize without losing quality.

Let's be honest though, most people don't need or watch videos in 4K, but there are some great benefits to filming all of our source material in 4K. First off, it's future proofing. 4K may not be the standard now, but it soon will be.   Second off, it just plain looks sharper.  4K video brought down to HD looks so much sharper than footage that was shot on an HD camera, to begin with.   Third off, there is so much more wiggle room,  whether it's stabilizing the footage, or cropping in, 4K makes it easier without losing quality. Last off, you never know when a perfect image pops up in the video that you may need for a still shot, though taking still photos is ideal, it's not always the case.

Contact us now and see why we film everything in 4K at no additional cost to you.

We are experts when it comes to motion graphics. Whether it's fully animated explainer videos, animated logos or lower thirds, or a few infographics to add to a talking head video, we can fill your motion graphics needs.

Why look at a boring talking head video for the entire length of the video when you could add some crisp animated graphs and charts? Freshen up your logo with a new animated intro, or have your text fly on screen. Even if all you have is an idea of a script, we can help you write it, do the voice over, and create all video from scratch, fully animated. You don't even have to be on camera.

We have years of experience in green screen, getting the lighting just right, and using the right equipment to create a clean key with no green fringe. If you have ever tried to do any green screen video, you know that it's not easy, there is an art to getting the right lighting and pulling a clean key. We have been working with green screen for years and years and have mastered it. Come to our studio, or let us bring our portable solution to you.

What is the point of creating a video if nobody will see it? We understand YouTube and how to grow a channel. We have helped 2 channels grow to over 100,000 subscribers and several grow to many thousands. YouTube is a long-term game, and it takes time and dedication to do it right.  We know, we've done it. But we also know the awesome power and SEO ability there is with YouTube.  Need someone to coach you on your own long-term YouTube strategy? Looking to do a YouTube ad campaign? We understand best practices when it comes to keywords, production, and promotion of YouTube videos.