Llama Nation: The Documentary premieres on March 10 at the Omaha Film Festival in Omaha Nebraska.

We are ecstatic for this premiere because not only did we do the motion graphics for the the project, but one of our own, Aaron Allsop, has been producing and editing it over the past two years.

The documentary features the story of two 16 year-old girls as they fight-to-win a national llama showing competition, while delving in “the quirky and competitive llama breeding, training and showing subculture in the US.” Watch the trailer right here.

If your near the Omaha, Nebraska area please support Aaron Allsop and the rest of the Llama Nation production crew by watching the documentary and giving us your feed back in the comment section below.

You can also visit the Llama Nation: The Documentary website. On there you can read about the llama owners and shop for Llama Nation merchandise.

To find out more news about the documentary and the films festivals it will be entering in, go on the Llama Nation Facebook page.

2016 Film Festivals – Llama Nation: The Documentary 

The Fort Meyers Film Festival: April 7-10

Kansas City Film Fest: April 13 – 17

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