One of the things that I hear the most while on set while filming non-actors (people representing their company, customer testimonials, etc.) is, “you can photoshop me to make me look better, right?” I used to just kind of laugh and say, “Don’t worry, you look great and don’t need it.” That was because before the idea of “photoshopping” someone to touch things up seemed impossible in After Effects to me.

But of course every time something seems impossible to do in After Effects I turn to Mikey to see if it really is impossible. If you are familiar with Mikey and his tutorials you know that he has a knack for taking what’s impossible not only possible but something that is possible for you to do. In this tutorial he goes through the steps on how to touch up someone using After Effects.

This is a lengthy process and so it isn’t something that you should be doing on every video, but something you would consider using for wedding videos, short commercials, or those few shots where you didn’t have a makeup artist on set.

If you aren’t that familiar with After Effects and looking for an easier option you can check out an After Effects custom effect that Mikey made himself called beautify. It won’t do everything that Mikey focuses on but it will do the main job of touching up the skin.

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  1. Hard to get a handfle oon It’s great which you included an offline variation, and you included some skins,but no body cares about that.
    They value if it is possible to play the game.

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