Lighting outside can be one of the trickiest scenarios for lighting any film. I had a personal experience learning how hard that was while producing a short film “Yarrow’s Boy” last summer. Because it was a fantasy film we were always filming in the middle of no where. One of the soots we hiked 1/2 mile down into a canyon and so our goal was to pack as light as possible. Also when we filmed there was barely any clouds so it was always extremely bright. We had to tape a shirt to the Black Magic Camera we were using just so that the director could see what he was filming.

We had to rely on reflectors because any other lighting option was out of the question. Even then that proved to be really hard because the wind got pretty intense, as you can maybe see in the picture of me holding the reflector.


It was really windy that day and holding the reflector was a lot harder than it looks.

We were able to get the lighting we wanted, but I wanted to know more about how to light outside with only a reflector because they are so easy to bring with you and pull out. If you have a P.A. or a stand you can get the extra amount of light that you need. Recently while on the set of “Llama Nation” (a feature length documentary that I am producing) I talked with the DP, Lars Lindstrom, about how you can light outside with only a reflector. In this video he gave me some great advice and I think that if you want to learn how to light with a reflector you’ll be able to benefit from it as well.

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