The more and more I learn about filmmaking the more and more I realize that I know nothing about how to light. Fortunately there are people who know way more than I do and are willing to share their knowledge. Lars Lindstrom, DP of the documentary Llama Nation, shares how to light an interview next to a fireplace using only two lights and a reflector. This is a very simple lighting setup that has been explained over and over again but in this video Lars shows how to do all of this while still using the fireplace and practical lighting  to influence the shot to create a low-key (or high contrast) look.

I’ve always said that I learned more from the two days as a P.A. on set of film than a whole semester at college and I think that is because instead of instead of just reading about how things are done I was able to see how things are done. This video is great because Lars walks you through the set to show you the position of each light so you can see the set up that he used and the final shot that came out of it.

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