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The new sound pack has finally arrived and I got to tell you we had a blast doing the sound recording. What we did was we wanted to record organic noises from food you can find at your local grocery store and smash them up in our office kitchen near a microphone.

Mikey bought all sorts of food like kettle cooked chips, potato salad, jello, ravioli, chicken breast, and a giant cantaloupe. The new sound pack is available for download at the Cinema Spice Shop. Here is how we came up with over 85 gross disgusting sound effects for your hearing pleasure.


 Our DIY Sound Room

As you can see we don't own a professional sound room but that's ok. At Cinema Spice, we love to get creative and find solutions to whatever circumstances come when doing a shoot or audio recording. If you've watched Mikey's After Effects Tutorials then you probably wouldn't have guessed sometimes he's using couch cushions and blankets. Once you listen to the results you will see you too can get quality sounds by using household items.
As you can see Brian is pumped up to record more organic sound effects. You might be thinking, why didn't we use any tarps or ponchos for the recording, because let me tell you the place did get super messy. At first we tried to use a blue tarp but the microphone would pickup every crinkle and crunch from our own movement, so we decided to do away with it. By the end of the recording we had sticky floors and dirty shirts, but it was worth it because now we have tons of nasty sound effects to use in future projects.

Make Your Own Sound Room

We also have makeshift sound booth called the "pillow fort." Yea we know it's a bunch of couch cushions on top of an office desktop and a blanket in the background, but it works great. Here's a little demonstration done by Mikey  to show you sound quality of the "pillow fort."

Can you tell the difference? The audio recording without the "pillow fort" picks up all the small ambient echoes around Mikey. Now when recording with the "pillow fort" you can hear Mikey's audio is clearer and crisp, making the viewing experience more focused and enjoyable. You maybe thinking, Tony a little echo is not such a big deal.  Yea but when a video has clean audio and there's no distracting ambient noise in the background then it's professional. If you're interested in soundproofing rooms here is list of household items you can use.  So here you go!
Household Items To Soundproof A Room - eHow



Couch Cushions


Thick Carpet

If you already have a makeshift sound room tell us how you made it! Send us pictures so we can debut it on our website and social media accounts so you can get noticed for your creativity. Again, our Gloopy Sound Effects Pack is available for download at the Cinema Spice Shop and tell us what you guys think? Tell us what other sound effects we should be experimenting with, who knows we might take your advice and make another killer sound pack.

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