When the Metabones Speed Booster came out it was a pretty big deal. I mean – who doesn’t want an extra stop of light from their lenses and also .71 wider of a lens? Fascists probably don’t but the current camera/lens market doesn’t usually cater towards their wants and needs.  Fascists aside, Speed Booster was the only adapter on the market that could do just that.

That was of course until recently Fotodiox came out with their Excell +1. In the video below, Bohus (pronounced bow-hoosh) from Fotodiox, goes over the new Excell +1. This 6 minute video though could have been cut down to about 5 seconds if all he said was,

“The Fotodiox Excell +1 is the Metabones Speed Booster but is one third the cost.”

Well maybe not 5 seconds because we still would like to see footage using it to see if the quality of the picture isn’t affected at all by the adapter, but the only important information is that there is now speed booster that costs $159.95 ($139.95 if you buy it this week). I think that this is great news because I have been looking at getting a Black Magic Pocket Camera for a while but I didn’t know what to do about lenses. When the Speed Booster came out I was excited but then it was like the price of the camera went up $500. Now with the Fotodiox Excell +1 that price isn’t as much, which I think is good news for serious filmmakers on a budget.

If you are working with micro four thirds lenses than you are really excited for this. For me it might be the thing that gets me to move over to a micro four third camera. What would really sell me though is if they had a Excell +1 that worked with Canon EOS lenses. Once that happens – I’m sold.

Fotodiox released another more recent video answering questions about the Excell +1 that people asked. If you had a few questions about it you might find the answer in this video.

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