This isn't low budget filmmaking, this is tactical filmmaking

I always appreciate the sight of someone's creativity. I found this image of a DIY camera rig online the other day and uploaded it to our company Facebook page because I thought it would give everyone a good laugh. However, the picture seemed to spark quite the controversy with some people and I didn't seem to understand why.

The people who were in favor for it were excited and wanted to make their own. Meanwhile, those who were against it gave said it looked like a real gun and could potentially get the filmmaker arrested. Only a small percentage from what I could see truly admired the craftsmanship in this guy's DIY camera rig. Honestly, I thought it was coolest rig I had ever seen. This guy is literally "running and gunning," how awesome is that?

When I uploaded the photo onto Twitter, YouTuber Sean Cannell was so impressed he asked me who this guy was so he could shoot a video for Think Media TV. Man, I wish I knew who this guy was! It got me thinking this isn't low budget filmmaking, this is tactical filmmaking.

Now I am not telling everyone to go out to your local Home Depot or Lowe's and make your own custom DSLR camera rig or skateboard camera dolly. We can all agree that buying video production equipment can be expensive so sometimes we need to work with what we got.

We've all seen that one guy who shows off his expensive tech in a gear grid photo on Facebook or Instagram. Don't get me wrong, if he has the money and time to invest in all those DSLR camera lens's, tripods, boom mics and lighting equipment more power to him. However, I would guess the majority of filmmakers don't make that much money to burn from their daily jobs. So instead we have get tactical...



What are some of your DIY tactical camera rigs?

Now it's your turn. What are some of your own DIY video production gear or camera rigs? We want to showcase them on our website and spark the creativity in others.

It can be anything from a PVC Pipe DSLR stabilizer to a grocery cart camera dolly.

Snap a picture of it and send it to us at or share it on the Cinema Spice Facebook page



Or maybe you don't have a cool looking rig? Maybe it looks like garbage? Send us a photo if it anyways. We all could use some humor at the Cinema Spice office, and we'll repost it onto to our Twitter and Facebook page. Those posts and tweets will be tagged with #GhettoGear.

Hey if it works? Am I right?


***Include a brief summary of how and why you built it. Don't worry we won't market off your photos or rip off your ideas. We will properly attribute them to your social media profiles or websites if you send us the links. We admire people's crafts and feel they should be appreciated.****

Photo above taken by unknown

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About the author

Tony is a Brigham Young University-Idaho graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Communication. He has experience in journalism and video production. One of his favorite movies is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. His favorite superhero is Spider-Man. He lives in Rexburg, Idaho with his lovely wife.


  1. nick clarke says:

    ‘Tactical’ film-making? I think that making the filming rig look like an assault rifle or some other ‘tactical’ weapon is a really stupid thing to do in the real world, simply because you will attract attention from your subjects and other that may or may not include lethal force. If you’re filming airlift, woohoo it looks hard. If you’re in a war zone, you will get shot at.

  2. nick clarke says:

    but the improvised boom pole is great!

  3. I use a skateboard on a leash as my rig. Works like a charm 🙂


  4. Mark Kempner says:

    There are some great youtube videos on how to make all sorts of filming kit/rigs/lighting etc on the cheap!

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